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The history of women’s perfume is as old as human existence; scents and aromatic herbs that enhance the smell of the body have been greatly valued in every culture. Women have used perfume, aroma oils as well as unguents on their bodies for millions of years depending on fashion whims. They also used perfumes to attract men. In the past women mixed their own unique potions creating their own blends of aromatherapy products. But nowadays the markets are overflowing with Expensive perfumes for women.

The 19th century was the era of perfume when new scents were created thanks to the advances in the knowledge of organic chemistry. Synthetic perfume products replaced certain hard to find natural aromatic ingredients and France became a prominent centre for herb and flower growing for this perfume industry. It is now a world class manufacturer of Top perfumes for women.

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Women's PerfumeThere are several reasons why women wear perfumes. Scent triggers pheromones, a hormone that plays a major role in human desire and sexuality. Therefore, women often use strong perfumes to attract men. Secondly there is a powerful connection between scents and memory. However, the Best perfume for women is the one which makes women feminine and helps them flaunt their individuality.

The ability of a perfume to make women feel like most desired beings and help them show their individuality is simply phenomenal. Fragrance boosts vitality and improves a woman’s drive to accomplish. Perfumes that attract men are often intense and strong in their fragrance. They are able to leave a long lasting effect on the senses of the man.

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All fragrances fall into certain family groups Floral, Spicy, Woody and Fresh etc. There are certain perfumes that have been particularly designed for different times of the day. Decide first whether you are on the lookout for something to flaunt during the day, for evening or for an occasion! Lighter scents are for daytime and more intense fragrances are for evening. Intense fragrances also come under the category of perfumes that attract men.

Finding the perfect designer perfumes that goes with your personality can be quite a difficult job. Sometimes, when you do find that designer perfume that you have been looking for, you realize that the prices can stretch beyond your budget.

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