Perfume you wear has much more impact than you can imagine

Perfume you wear has much more impact than you can imagine. Studies show that it literally has the power to turn or draw away people from you. Perfumes are not just those pleasing smelling vapors, rather an extension to your general personality. Sophisticated, sultry, sexy, spicy or floral, flirty and light – you want perfume that has a maximum impact whether you’re on the beach in the day or out for cocktails at night. Make no mistake, some perfumes are designed to attract and strike a chord with the right person.

If your intentions are to hook that man, you might want to try a perfume for men like Victoria’s Secret. With its musky amber scents, this is a saucy perfume with ‘come hither’ appeal. In fact there are even new perfumes on the market which have human sex pheromones so that you can be super-attractive to the one whose attention you crave. You’ll find an alluring and lingering perfume that attracts women and which causes heads to turn, to get more eye contact across a table and which gets you more smiles.

Celebrity Perfumes that Convey a Message

You’ll often find that these fragrances are available for both genders. Victoria Beckham Intimately Yours comes with the matching male fragrance. Of course celebrity fragrances are always popular and Halle Berry’s ‘Reveal’ is a must for those who love their fruity fragrances. Pink Sparkle by Kylie Minogue for instance is described as ‘intoxication of the senses’, and women who want to be known as those who exude the same vibrance and joy that Kylie’s spirit does, will wear this perfume to attract a man.

The truth is, scent is a powerful thing and whether it’s a perfume to attract women or its a perfume for men, there is guaranteed to be a perfume that can help you. If somebody is already mesmerized by your looks, when you wear the right perfume, your sensuality just becomes that much more appealing.

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